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What is happening now
December 27, 2020

Many things have happened in the atmosphere, the heavens, and the earth since January 2020 when the elements and the workings of God’s grace became manifested to man in its truth and understanding. Below are brief comments about some events that have occurred most specifically during the year 2020. There is One God. He is love (I John 4:8,16). And there is no fear in love because perfect love casts out fear (I John 4:18). Love comes from the Father and it is very different than what man thinks love to be. To Jesus Christ, the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last (The Revelation 1:8,11) be glory both now and for ever! Amen (II Peter 3:18).

To understand what is happening now, we take one perspective. God’s perspective. It is the only perspective to take. God does not change, and nothing new is under the sun. Demons have not become more developed; man has not become more evil. These days are the pressing of men’s hearts to reveal what is in them. Restrictions have been lifted by God upon earth for evil to flourish as boundaries in the heavens are further established. Those who are blind will remain blind.

One day free, the next day not

As man’s submission to demons is manifested on earth, the world is living out the restrictions, oppressions, and withholdings that have already occurred in the spirit realm reflecting what was done to God’s people who were and have submitted to labours unto Him alone. As the Babylonian system had succeeded to enslave and abort the eternal calls of God’s people for 2 days, 2000 years, the manifestation of this is performed on earth in the present. Man is no longer free on earth in the flesh. God is not mocked. All that He has spoken has and will occur. Peace was desired more than His righteousness; and the desires of men’s hearts that were already exposed and seen in the heavens are now manifested. The yoke of bondage in the flesh will not be removed.

Clearing of the atmosphere

Great rejoicing occurred in the atmosphere that started earlier in the year 2020 as home imprisonment was willingly abided by to prevent the congregating of the corrupt religious systems and their places of worship. The atmosphere breathed and was cleared of the thick fog and smog of their carnal group prayers, lascivious music, and substanceless teachings that before had regularly violated the atmosphere. Much joy and freedom could be felt in the heavens and was witnessed as the atmosphere breathed more freely without the sacrifices that were never received beyond the atmosphere into the heavens. The atmosphere became as a clear day. May we see that as the oppression is occurring stronger on earth, the atmosphere is experiencing liberation in righteousness.

Rise and coming fall of Delaware

The rise of Biden was of no surprise. The rise of Biden is from the Hand of the Lord. This was seen in the spirit realm and accomplished from earth on July 6, 2019 while standing on the land of Delaware. God spoke that Biden's rise will be as high as a man can go, and that he would be raised higher and higher in order to accomplish the great fall that is coming next. This has much to do with Delaware, the first state of the nation.

Nothing is done by God without revealing it to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7).

Understand the workings of the birds of prey: they take their prey high in the skies to drop them and break them open onto the earth, thus saith the Lord (November 11, 2020).

Solidification of the unjust (The Revelation 22:11)

The US has not been a republic since the rise of FDR while sell-outs to the Crown occurred from the time of America’s conception. We do not pretend that L. Graham, McConnell, Pelosi, and others were elected or have been continued to be elected by the citizens of America. This year came the final sham in trying to convince citizens that the Supreme Court reflects anything other than a unified devotion to their gods. Another puppet for the globalists along with Kavanaugh is newest member Barrett. These latest additions have been groomed and are seen in the spirit realm as covering and supporting much evil. Barrett’s title in the spirit realm is Ruth Ginsburg II. The pharmaceutically extended life of RBG to slip Barrett in before the chaos of the elections and whose appointment was followed immediately by the testing positive of Trump, were the surrounding circumstance to complete the corrupt Supreme Court. All power that Trump did have within the US was removed on October 10, 2020 and shifted into the hands of the Chaldeans. The removal of Jesus Christ from the bench was made into a public witness to the American people in 2020, although He had been dismissed many years prior. Evil spirits mocked men by making the play of longevity with the oldest member followed by the youngest member to display that their foothold is to be a lasting and secure one. The faux division of parties is still hung onto by the obstinate. The feigned disapproval of the supposed ‘conservative’ judges was the usual theater to convince the naïve that there are different and opposing parties.

Domestication of the king

Trump’s place of spiritual existence shifted on November 7 from being among the beasts in the fields to being in a fenced domesticated farm corral. He is alone and eats hay at a trough. He will stay in this state until his eyes are opened by God and until his heart of a man is restored to him for a short time. The influence that he has had on the world continues to do what it was purposed to do with the escalation of the exposer of evil men in their operations and the giving of hope within other nations. There were some Christians who incorrectly came up against Trump by using their spiritual power to try to control him or discipline him without the understanding of God’s purposes or His will. These have already had their own authority removed from them not only here on earth but also in eternity.

Trump’s domestication also signifies that he is confined to operate within the US rather than on the world front. Man currently is under the rulership of kingships and authorities that consist of a group of evil men who operate as one unit and have been in place before the founding of America. They are the enemy of Jesus Christ.

The work of Asaph

After the American 2020 election, God gave instruction to gather the votes that were cast by US citizens. This was in response to those who looked to God and sought Him. He heard the prayers and heard the sighs. He heard the desire of some men’s hearts for justice in the streets so that equity could enter (Isaiah 59:14). The first two votes were cast into the Kingdom of God on November 3, and the gathering by those working as Asaph (gatherer, collector) began on November 8 until all of the votes were retrieved that were cast throughout any location or base on the earth. The votes were seen in the spirit as small yellow-white lights that looked like small stars. They were picked up and gathered by those working in the spirit realm as Asaphs, committed into the Kingdom of God, recounted in His kingdom, and committed to the Will of the Father. The previously declared dead votes by men on earth were given not just the substance of each vote, but also the vindication and judgement on those who tampered with the votes of God’s people. The gathering was done daily until all were retrieved. This work was accomplished by and in the name of Jesus Christ, who gathered us unto Himself.

On November 26, 2020 the Lord revealed the consolidated pool of casted and retrieved votes in the heavens. They had become transformed and exchanged in the spirit realm to a goldish tan dense fluid. The fluid was abundant, thick, and powerful. It was alive and pushing to be released. The votes had been sanctified, glorified, and touched by the Hand of God as they transitioned into His blessing. The Lord commanded that the wood dam be pulled down so that the fluid would be released onto the earth. All areas of the United States were covered except for those states that God has already rejected and also DC, which produce only in the temporal until their full removal. In addition, Idaho, most of Wyoming, and part of Montana will not participate in the blessing as they took no action of the prophecies poured into them and turned their faces from His Word. The ideals of libertarianism will not be blessed and have no part in Me, Thus saith the Lord.

People of the Lord,
The blessings from the Lord are not what the corrupt pastoral and teaching ministries have taught. Let us grow and mature to understand that His blessings are of the spirit. They are good and unlike the blessings of a man.

Great manifestations revealed to man

Great manifestations have been revealed to man on earth in the last quarter of 2020 as prayers were received for His justice and His will to be accomplished on earth. Below are just a few.

Manifestation of the tree of life fruit: The first fruit to be manifested on earth was the orange. The pear will be next, the strawberry, and also cherry following. This would be considered more as a remanifestation in their glorified state. These fruit are connected with the tribes and also the jewels of the priest’s breastplate. In addition, the prophetic Urim and Thummim will continue to become unveiled with gobbling prophets attempting to mimic.

Manifestation of the cosmos: The understanding of the layout of the cosmos was given in relation to the powers and authorities given by the Lord. This was given during the last part of November through the first half of December. May we pray for the opportunity for these revelations to be prepared and shared to all who desire them. May God’s people seek Him first as being preferred and more precious than the workings of the cosmos.

Removal of dead fish: The dead fish that resided in the belly of the Church have been extracted out of the Body of Christ. This was witnessed January 10, 2021 with the incision of the abdomen being opened to remove them. Fish hooks that caused pain in addition to deeper infections were also removed from the belly that were there because of the dead fish occupancy. These refused to die unto the Lord, not being cooked, eaten, and digested; they retained themselves completely whole (John 6:52-65). These are the many who chose to walk no more with Him (John 6:66).

Slavery enacted: The understanding of righteous servitude to the Lord will be embraced by some as separations continue among God’s people. Moses is now separated from Joshua, Elijah is removed out from Elisha, and the voices of Jonah will be heard no more. Thus saith the Lord God in heaven.

More workings of the Holy Spirit on earth

The green grass among the Germanic peoples had broken off by September 2020. Great Light was given to the peoples of China and Germany on November 7, 2020. This is a lasting light that will not be destroyed.

Words to some of the green grass

The following are words to the green grasses, which are already sealed.

Among the tribe of Naphtali — to the green grass that is springing out of the stump of the already cut down tree of the Germanic peoples. Thus saith the Lord, Adonai: You are of great beauty that shines. I will straighten and strengthen your back to broaden your shoulders further. My Spirit will blow confidence into your lungs; My Hand will enclose your heart and it will be healed. Eat My meat and you will be strengthened. My joy is for you to have.

Among the tribe of Levi — to the green grass that is springing out of the stump of the already cut down tree of the Persians. Thus saith the Lord of prophets: I am Your Prophet; now be a great prophet without fear. The many bands that have bound you have been loosed and are torn from off you. Grow in faith to speak and I will fill your mouth with My Words. You will speak in My power; you will speak in My love; you will see Me.

Among the tribe of Asher — to the green grass that is springing out of the stump of the soon to be cut down tree of the Latins. Adhere to My judgements inside and without. Be not afraid to step further into My faith. I am with you, thus saith the God of your strength.

Among the tribe of Joseph — to the green grass that is springing out of the stump of the already cut down tree of the Indians. Thus saith the LORD: You are safe in Me. Continue to resist evil and expand. You have traveled much and will travel more. You will distribute much that is good. My blessing will stay upon you. Your hands will serve and not be weak; your feet will not tire. You will ask from another, and they will give.

Among the tribe of Benjamin — to the green grass that is springing out of the stump of the already cut down tree of America. Thus saith El Shaddai, God Almighty: You are sustained in Me and grow in My Faith. You are diligent and resolute. You will feed the nations with My Word; you will refresh the weak in My power. I will guide you, Benjamin. You are ever with Me.

Empty oil lamps and no extra supply

Those who do not have their own supply of His oil will continue to be manifested (Matthew 25). These will be left on the wayside as others continue in their call unto the Lord.