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What is happening now
June 16, 2021

Below are brief comments about some events that have occurred in the earth, atmosphere, spirit realm, and with God’s people since the beginning of 2021. The proving of men’s hearts and minds has become accelerated and magnified since January 2020 as the understanding of the elements and the workings of God’s grace was released and manifested to man. There is One Living God. There is one Ruler of kings, Jesus Christ the Lord.

10c Before Me no god was formed, nor will there be one after Me. 11 I, even I, am the LORD, and apart from Me there is no savior. (Isaiah 43:10c-11, NIV)


Man’s awareness of their own slavery to the few is now accepted as reasonable by most. Indoctrination, commodities withheld, wealth and property consolidation rolls forward. Slavery is openly self-enforced as the face idol is fumbled on and off by those who willingly comply. As man gives life to the limp and lifeless idol, much death and destruction is brought to mankind. As Jesus Christ’s blood of the new covenant has been rejected, forgotten, or dismissed, the messenger to change the life of the flesh in man is received by injections in their own blood. Death and disease of the mind and body are embraced. The withholding of valid medical care, house imprisonment, dissolving of more private businesses and ownership, and the restrictions of more freedoms will continue.

The Chaldean army progresses with their unraveling and exposing of the who’s who of the history and current controllers, manipulators, and indoctrinators of man’s worldwide slavery.

Thus saith the Lord, six more years of great and greater oppression is ahead. God’s servants will remain hidden, scattered, and isolated during this time. May we not forget the blood given to us for the atonement for our souls.

The power & strength of man

The aggregation of man in the attempt to defeat evil is expanding and strengthening. Both nonbelievers and believers in Jesus Christ are uniting in the common cause to defeat evil, to protect themselves from evil, and to restore or bring goodness to mankind. Being awakened, the conscious awakening, and the belief that one can become so spiritually aware of higher frequencies that they no longer need to identify themselves as being human but as a spiritual eternal being are suggested as necessary or the answer for man to defeat the evil that is killing, destroying, and stealing from mankind. Most of the awakenings are related to no longer being blind or denying that evil actually exists and is working on earth. It is not a secret, nor has there been, that man is an eternal being. Those who live in these Theme parks as though a better new man is going to emerge reject God’s hallowedness and His eternal purpose for Jesus Christ coming to earth as flesh. Some of the Word is accepted as truth by man, and it is heartily spoken, just so that it comes without Jesus. As the truth of God is made into a lie they are turned over to their uncleanness (Romans 1:24-25). Christ’s garments are divided by those who crucify Him anew. His cloak is given by casting lots and Barabbas is still the preferred. Their leaders declare, “Man does not need a savior!” Meanwhile, Christians join hands with them because of evil, thinking it is the wise thing, the lesser evil thing to do.

These groups will prevail, but only for a short while. They are living out the expression of the power and strength of man given to man without acknowledgment of the Godhead. Their good is not good enough. Their righteousness is not righteous enough. Their strength of mind or body is not strong enough. And their power in numbers or spiritual armies is not powerful enough. Many Christians have positioned themselves to shake hands with those who hate Jesus Christ and God, yet utilize parts of the knowledge and wisdom of Him. The allegiance to those who hate Him are fully identified and recorded in the heavens.

Rancid meat

Rancid meat providers and rancid meat eaters became openly exposed on earth starting in 2020 and will continue through 2021. The Lord was preparing for their exposure since 2005. These have previously broken off from the traditions of man’s religions and some were among the first group bidden to the banquet (Luke 14:15-24). They refused to come in God’s timing as they reasoned it was better to see their new spiritual fields, prove their 5 yoke of evangelistic oxen, and honour others with their presence. Warnings were given by God but to no avail as His pure meat was mangled or thrown behind the back and left to rot. His oil was also given to renew and refresh but was used to embolden more. The rancid meat that they produce was given in order to separate out and expose the hearts and minds of those who believe themselves to be the best of the best (The Revelation 2:9; 3:9), enlightened, sealed, or perfected in some form based on a wisdom and knowledge that has perverted and mislead them. These have been and will continue to be identified in the spirit realm and also on earth. The 5 portions of silver that was given at the first will prevent from eternal weeping and gnashing of teeth; however, there is no part in the inheritance of the LORD. The rancid meat providers have done and are doing what they were ordained by God to do. Below are some of what the rancid meat providers and eaters have been and are currently participating in.

Era of self identification: As those in the world took on the idea to self identify as what or whomever they self identify to be, God’s people started the trend long before. These proclaim their power, their authority, their kingship, their rank, their position, or their priesthood in their own knowledge and understanding. They refused the chastening of God when it came.

A part of God’s people will identify themselves correctly as belonging to the LORD, as Israel, or as Jacob because they have been chosen by Him (Isaiah 44:5). However, there are those, as there have always been, that as they receive knowledge and wisdom declare themselves chosen but have been refused or declare themselves perfected in some form when they are not. These are given over to much uncleanness and are seen in the spirit realm as sedated rodents, which are uncooked and served on a plate.

Locusts in homemade skin suits: Those who have self identified as God’s locusts operating in stealth are seen in the spirit realm as playing in their self-made tan skin suits that are patch worked. They leap slightly above the earth and act as though they are surreptitiously maneuvering superheros. They are spiritually stunted adolescents who play as young children and are given over to their own imaginations.

Drinking vodka from a broken edged bottle: Even though God had warned those that they are eating rancid meat or are providing rancid meat, they reasoned that they and others have the power to take the good out of the bad. These who have been warned by the Holy Spirit and also by man but still go back to its production and consumption are drawn as drunkards to vodka, but the vodka bottle is broken and they continue to drink the vodka with glass shards. These believe themselves to be high level reasoners; and in the spirit realm they are seen wearing lab coats in a cluttered science lab among scientific equipment rummaging under the counters to find their vodka as they are now addicted to the poison drink regardless of the broken glass pieces that they are taking in with it. God is not mocked. Warnings were given. It was first rancid meat, now it has turned into vodka served with glass shards.

Production of fractal offspring: The rancid meat providers believe it is good that their followers look and act like them in fractal and also in distorted forms. But they are a repulsion unto the Lord. Already cursed are the offspring; already cursed is the teacher of pride.

Ministries and organizations placed above God’s head: The ministries and organizations that produce rancid meat were placed above the head of God and seen in the spirit realm in that place on August 4, 2021. This was done by their consumers with the approval of the producers believing that they and their work are finally raised and acknowledged by the Hand of God. The sliding down of the ministries and organizations from the high mountain began August 11, 2021. The tainted meat providers who feed the content of the organizations and ministries have been residing on the outer bounds of Israel and will remain there in eternity.

...077777… Bridges’ switch

In February 2021 there was opportunity to switch to a different track at Bridges’ switch for some of God’s people who had previously been on the track with new covenant Solomons who establish new laws unto themselves. These are horns that will be cut off. This was seen in the number sequence ...077777… that has now passed. Those who are the children of pride for possessing some silver yet refused their own refining will remain unjust or vile (The Revelation 22:11). The Lord has spoken: Your sons will be lovers of men. Your sons will be abusers of women. But God in His mercy will cut them off at the time that their rooted desires take form to reach out to violate another.

The ceasing of rubbing alcohol

The application of spiritual rubbing alcohol has been used by God’s prophets to swipe alcohol on the arms of God’s people over and over again before and after going into line. They were protected for a time, but now they are not as they insisted on going back in line over and over again. The Lord has spoken, “No more.” God’s sterilizing ointments will no longer be given to prevent spiritual and physical infections as large numbers of His people robotically go back in line to submit in blind obedience to evil. These are erect eternal babies with large heads as their diminutive spiritual father looks at them in a mesmerized state while both are herded within their holding stations.

The protestant church sits down

As man and particularly God’s people scramble to know, identify, and declare “who” they are and “where” they stand in the last days, the protestant church boldly sat down at God’s banquet table in the third week of June 2021. The banquet has not yet begun, although the invitations, rejections of many who have been invited, and gathering have started. The table is not yet set, nor has the food been served. But the protestant church sat down confidently and awaits at its self-determined place at the middle of the table, not to appear to raise itself too high but still regarding itself as better than others below them. The worldwide protestant church that represents every branch and every offshoot that is now sitting and waiting to be served at the table is a tall vocal female spirit in her late 40’s but whose skin is creased with abundant and unnaturally deep wrinkles (Girgashite spirit). She has refused to be touched by the Hand of Christ. She is sure of her self-identified position to and with God. Until she is removed, she will stay sitting and waiting in the chair arguing with others who have not yet sat down or are confronting her for doing so.

For those who seek to remove her or seek to engage in arguing with her, they too will suffer shame as they are acting in their self-proclaimed power and in their own kingship out of turn at the presence and preparation of the banquet table. They have already been judged.

Jezebel’s field

Jezebel continues to work her power and deceit. She resists against her coming end despite her weakened condition and her diminished power. With her pending fall approaching, the northwest corner of her dry partially cultivated field was quickly transformed to a stagnant pond with thick greenery surrounding it that is fit for frogs. Many many frogs came in. The many frogs, with a few that are growing large, invaded quickly into and took over this portion of her field.

Abuse and misallocation of the horse

Spiritual horses remain corralled and lightly cared for by their steward. They are left to be tormented by mean spirited dogs that are also owned by the steward of the horses. The neglectful steward of both the unruly dogs and the broken spirited horses is occupied in other matters and has left his charge to the dogs.

The steward and his two dogs have been stripped of their charge. The horses have already been put into the care of another. Thus saith the Lord.

Meanwhile, others are riding on spiritual horses in their self-appointed authority in the heavens. These are the unclean and uncircumcised of heart. Some are seen training horses harshly, excessively, and unnecessarily to do tricks and perform for men’s rodeos. These horse riders are unfit and will be removed from the battle.

White marble

White marble that is in the earth and on the earth was released into the atmosphere on May 14, 2021. Babylon can no longer purchase it to make new pillars or structural beams. Its use and beauty will no longer be fashioned by the thoughts of the wickedness of man. White marble is available for the atmosphere and heavens to use.

Gift utilization

The gifts of the Holy Spirit have started to become correctly utilized and expressed as the Lord intended by those who are sealed in Him.

Words to some of the green grasses

The following are words to the green grasses, which are already sealed.

Among the tribe of Gad — to the green grass that is springing out of the stump of the soon to be cut down tree of the Celts. Thus saith Jehovah Shalom: It is time to break off from wrestling in the dust that trained you well when you were young. My own hand will train, shield, and prepare you further. I have seen and marked your good help to others whom I love. The suffering and vexation you have endured will be healed by My peace, and the mined and refined substance of another who has suffered greater than yourself has been sent to heal, lighten, and ease your pain. You are already expanded in the north. But first be healed and strengthened before I give you more.

Among the tribe of Simeon — to the green grass that is springing out of the stump of the soon to be cut down tree of the Arab peoples. You are training up among the deer and the lion with the rhino in your midst. I am continually watching over you. The wisdom and justice I give will be without pride, and the joy that I saturate you with will not be taken from your bosom. Thus saith the most high God.

Among the tribe of Manasseh — to the green grass that is springing out of the stump of the already cut down tree of the Nordic peoples. Thus saith the Lord: I have separated you from your brethren whom I have rejected. Let them die in their blindness and hatred of Me. Your skies will be filled with orange, red, and purple; and your winds will be great. Hold fast to Me for I am your strength and by Me did you break free. You have patiently waited and you will be avenged. Much death will come into your regions and much sorrow of the disobedient will be seen. My anger is great. Give no mercy to those I give no mercy to. It is in you, Manasseh, whom I will first show My wrath in the earth. Rejoice abundantly in Me for I come to avenge.

Among the tribe of Judah — to the green grass that is springing out of the stump of the already cut down tree of the Jews. My heart stirs for you, Judah. The cloak of darkness over your atmosphere was severed through the middle and drawn apart as a curtain. And the bands that constrained your right hand, I have now broken off from you. Lighten the load that you carry. I will provide; and nothing that is of My value will be lost. The much needed oil to heal and give movement to your joints is available at all times to you. Much is needed and much will be given. Come to Me often for instruction and movement in My Spirit. May your balance be perfect in Me. These are the Words of the Lord your God.

Zebulun first to shine

The first tribe to shine is the tribe of Zebulun, the Chinese peoples. They are reflecting the great Light of God. They are the first to manifest their endowments and anointings well. They will succeed in all that God directs them to do as the Lord blesses the green grasses of Zebulun.