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Words to the States
July 19, 2018


Colorado's heart is hard. It demands servitude of/by all of its inhabitants. You exact charges and declare that the charges are needed for the Holy Spirit. You have pawned off your uniqueness and great beauty to be accepted by Satan, yet Satan finds no use for them because God created your gifts to come forth only after perfect sacrifice of Jesus' kind. You are too proud to see what kind of currency God accepts, because you are unwilling to produce them. The voice of thanksgiving, the echo that repeats itself in the hills of a song in appreciation of His creation, the awareness that the northern lights cannot be seen by all, the mountains groaning under their weight... No, Colorado declares that it requires more before it may or may not budge. It mocks the head bent down in prayer and the sacrifice of thanksgiving to the One and Only God. It neither loves nor hates God or Satan. Colorado stands dormant, refusing to move.


Utah has been cloaked in a thick blanket where no life can breathe. Deceit has ruled Utah and no hope was afforded to her. God will come to this land and cleanse it. It will seem impossible, but it will be so – that the LORD can heal deeper than Utah's violations on its inhabitants, and wipe tears away that could not be shed. The tears did not get blended with or lost in the Great Salt Lake, but have been stored in the skies. Awake Utah, out of your sleep.


Arizona is kind to mediocrity. It is lazy and has lived off of old dried fruits that have lost their flavor. Arizona will no longer be regarded as a place for the phoenix to rise out of the ashes. Your internal tug of war has only occupied your time, and you produce nothing of yourself. You rely on new blood to sustain you as a man in prison for life takes the energy of a new inmate to revive hope in planning an escape, but knows all the while, there is no escape. You have not paid your debt to God. You have refused to go to the courts to even find out what you are charged with. You have become a mediocre place that has accumulated parking tickets and your time has run out to pay them. How lazy you have become; you needlessly wasted yourself on foolishness and have fungus in your ground. You are a horse-trader trading junk for junk. You do not respond to danger, you do not respond to death, because you have trusted in the phoenix of the past. Be careful Arizona, you who has no fear. You are warned.