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Words to the States
July 17, 2018


Idaho is found wanting. It is not at its post and cannot be found. It has bent too far to please all others and refuses to bend its ways toward God. In the end, a small number will help, but only after being sought after. Nothing will be given out of sacrifice, only overflow, and that will be a very little that was gained from experience and not of work or selflessness.


Oregon has sold its beauty and its land. It will not fight for anything other than the right to small pleasures that die in the morning sun. The inhabitants are sentenced to perpetual adolescence and childhood. Oregon will be shamed as it has allowed itself to be ruled by its dictator mothers.


Washington is strong, but declares itself weak. It has wasted and covered its glory. It is found as hoarders and lovers of filth. It says, "We have no glory"; but you indeed do have glory that will be given to another. You say "it is not, it is not" to keep your value in disguise and hidden for yourself. Washington has spoken the lie and has now become the lie.


Texas is without purpose. It loves itself and is faithful to itself. When called to bear upon its shoulders another that is weaker, it does so only out of pride, not out of love. It embraces those who stand on their own, as they claim themselves to do. Texas will be swept by strong north and east winds, proving it unable to stand on its own. The winds will rid its tumbleweeds and Texas will be given a new earth under itself that will be fruitful and willing to give for a lasting purpose.