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Words to the States
April 27, 2019

North Dakota

You are My excellent Teacher and in you is My Truth. You are a caregiver and witness to My testimonies that hold the capacity to wrap those who despise My works into eternal reproach. You give rest to My servants; and you serve Me, Jehovah Makkadesh, willingly. North Dakota, it is time for you to step out further and grow. Advance into the fullness of your Call. Pick up your bow and arrows and become a marksman unto Me. Take to the horse and run. I give you night vision; I give you understanding; and I give you My hope. As you are a skilled teacher, North Dakota, become an excellent warrior unto Me.


Florida, you are My sovereign Watchman. I have given you wisdom in your mind that is consummated with agile power in your legs. You have come to Me when I have called; and you were faithful to The Watch. However, you now use your lushness as a blanket to cover your eyes and ears so that you and your children can sleep a deep sleep. Wake to Me quickly; and trample aside the abusers, baiters, and scorners dwelling in your house who torment you and bind your strength to an almost death. Decide whom you serve, Florida; then seek My Justice so that you can be avenged.


Hear Me, Iowa, for I am much stirred for you. Many within you have joined with Baalpeor and eat the sacrifices of the dead. I gave you warning but you did not prize the liberties that the Holy Spirit gives. As you handed over the rights of your skies to deceit, you and your land became defiled, sickened, and weak. I, the LORD your God, the One and Only Adonai, beseech you to drink and eat of Me often to gain My prudence and My Holy Strength. The Phinehas’s among you, I call to rise up to execute My judgement. Those too weak to fight, give to the fight in intercession and prayer. I am Holy, be ye Holy unto Me.


Connecticut, I made you My Apostle worthy to Judge. I equipped you and strengthened you to hold much, say much, and produce much; and the fruits of instruction and My judgements that you spoke in the past are far well spread. You have kept some from getting lost, put others back on their course, and you have some willing in you still to complete a final step. However, in your dry arrogance you discarded My Hand and took to your bed to rest. The Clock has run out for you, Connecticut, and I, Elohim, come to chasten and prune.

South Dakota

I, Jehovah Nissi, come to you in ease. You are a mender of souls and are not afraid to speak My prophetic truths in dreams. I have opened heaven to you and fastened My Peace in the dense strength of My power that is held across your chest. You have drawn from My Waters; now draw from Me more. Gird yourself once again, for the encroacher and mockers are near to your door; fight to protect, fight to destroy, and fight for what is yours.


Indiana, you are the Road of My Prophets and in you resides My abundant Mercy. You are the firstfruits to show Mercy; and your Call, labour, and land will I expand. You have held strong against those encamped around you; and I admonish you, Indiana, to keep from walking into evil. Many in you will be cut off, for they distribute their own mercy and favour to those I do not show My Mercy and My Favour to. Indiana, learn of My Wisdom and My Understanding, thus saith the LORD the Righteous Judge.