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Words to the States
July 11, 2019


Those who came and settled in you sowed seeds of sacrifice that were acceptable to Me. They secured your apostolic scales and evangelistic might, and kept your prophetic oil fresh and burning. I am El Shaddai, the Almighty God, who saw their sorrow and heard their much weeping. Their great faith believed and trusted in My godly reaping. It is because of their perfect faith and their refusal to depart from being joined with Me that their seeds of sacrifice did not die or go to waste. Wisconsin, you are ready to germinate. You will go through My chastening and purifying; and then I, the LORD Jehovah, will open you free. I will exalt, strengthen, and expand you as those who betray you run from your house. Let those who work wickedness flee from you and do not give place for their return. As you make Me your Glory, I will reveal My arm to you. Seek the meat of My righteousness.


Mississippi, you are My Trumpet who rises and speaks from the deepest seas. Evil spirits have hounded you and sought your destruction because I placed in you My regenerative wealth and costly coverings. The wicked octopus that robbed you, muted you, and shorn you has been destroyed. You will not be ashamed any longer or made to wear iniquity that was cast upon you. I will avenge you and you will sound My Horn in joy. Mississippi, in you is also My pleasing and tranquil pasture. I desire you in My presence. Be awakened Mississippi. Break fully off from meaningless ties and wipe off the residue of all wickedness that is determined to harm you. Remove from your shelves all falsehoods, and come walk into My Light. Thus saith the LORD of Holiness, I will avenge and restore you. And you will avenge and restore others unto Me.


I purposed for you to be My gatherer, refiner, and dispenser of rare things that cannot be contained. You are My Asaph. But you became an exchanger of My Spirit’s anointings for fame that lasts only for today. Tennessee, you have defiled My Grace. My anger towards you is great as you have stripped the carcasses of many and declare that it is in My name. Your land will be purged thoroughly with fire. In your pride, you say that you stand and do what is right, but I say you are not of My Righteousness; you have made yourself clean, but I tell you that you are not pure or holy unto Me. I will not deliver you from your spiritual drunkenness just to deliver you again. Your sheltering fog has been blown away and your nakedness exposed. For those who have not given themselves over to build and serve the corrupt church’s golden calf, and for those who refuse to dance to its perverted faith, I command you to seek My Face. Be resolved in your heart with the wisdom of Joshua, and feel no despair (Ezekiel 3:8-9, Jeremiah 1:17-19) for I will prepare you as red horse riders to the fight. Thus saith Jehovah Nissi, who calls to you by name.


Injustice is your master; and Dependence on deceit is where your shoulder leans. You have corrupted your apostolic and pastoral endowments with fornication to become the domicile of wickedness. You embrace and do all things I hate. You discarded My protection and threw off righteousness before Me. You allied with venerable strength believing that their cords are too strong and vast to break; and you are reduced to a bent fifer who relays messages for war against those who serve and honour Me. You defiled then dismissed My Light and Purpose, which was in your care to nurture and expand; and then you shut and bolted your gates against Me. Delaware, you will no longer be heard of or seen. My servants will lift you up one last time before your final fall. Thus saith the LORD of Law and Judgement, Adonai.