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Words to the States of traitors
& District of Columbia
October 2, 2018


California contains the spices, balm, and myrrh of Gilead that can revive, heal fleshly wounds of, and nurture the man face. You were established to be America’s rest to her soul. But you are Vashti, the queen in Shushan, who “hath not done wrong to the king only, but also to all the princes, and to all the people that are in the provinces…” (Esther 1:16). You are a madam of whores, flaunting your nakedness, and taking pleasure in the uncovering of others. Your crown and call is given to another.


Hawaii’s chants have reached My ears. Your senses are dulled while you boastfully spout, “I am proud of being proud.” When your voice was taken over and weakened by iniquity, I restored you, yet your first words upon recovery were to celebrate your own pride and courage. It was My hand that severed the noose from your neck. And in turn, you have suffocated the voices that sing My praises. I will not turn to you until your pride is broken with “Alleluia” and you speak a new song that declares the power of El Shaddai (God Almighty) across the oceans.


Illinois is the corrupt pastoral stronghold of America. You house Bigthan and Teresh, the keepers of the door, who continually conspire to kill the King. Soon, their kingdoms will be no more. You will be restored Illinois. However, when you have recovered all that was taken from you, you will still refuse My Covenant and will not become priests after the order of Melchisedec. "It is enough,” you will say, “to be delivered from evil kings; I want and need no more.” In these words you have exposed your heart and the reason why the corrupted pastoral system picked you to be its safe haven. And as you have spoken, it is penned, that you will have “no more.”


Maine, you are a fornicator and profaner without ceasing. You are altogether unfaithful. You have sold your birthright and lost your inheritance, and I, El Elyon (Most High God), will not restore them. You maneuver behind Me, void of star and light, thinking that My eyes do not see you cross the lines that I have set. You lead and direct no one except your children to violent death. Maine, you will mourn in great sorrow as you watch your children perish on the paths you encourage them to take, which you deceivingly cross yourself, and thought that all was safe.

North Carolina

North Carolina is the protestant's summerhouse retreat of America. You are the double rebellious Merathaim, the great withholder and self-declared mediator to Me. You are the oppressor of My Judgements and have subdued My Justice. You say “forgive” when I have not forgiven, and mandate to “show mercy” when I do not give mercy. The stench of your defiled and wasted carcasses will no longer come into My nostrils. I will destroy all that you have and nothing you build will prosper. North Carolina, you are a wooden vessel that is unprofitable to Me.

South Carolina

South Carolina is Judas Iscariot of America. You are a stiff-necked open traitor with a smile on your face. In your self-admiration and pride you have concluded that I am blind. But I know your thoughts and I see your works. You give your adulterous praises to Baal, and do not perceive that I am withdrawn from your presence. Go to, South Carolina, do what you have set yourself to do.

District of Columbia

Thus saith Jehovah Tsidkenu (LORD our Righteousness): As you have dismissed Me; I dismiss you. As you conspired against Me in secret places; I have conspired against you in My Courts. As you do not attend to your work; I have removed your need to exist. Except for a handful of Lots, you will be annihilated. Your land is allotted to another, and your memorials will be laid waste. And as you have plotted outside of the gates, you will never enter My Gates. All that you have done to America, I will do to you.