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Words to the beloved States
May 29, 2019


Pennsylvania, you are My witness who communicates My Ways by poem, song, picture, or book. I put keys of knowledge into your possession, and with this knowledge you do not disappoint. You are a skilled musician of instrument and song. I blow My Wind for your notes and letters to ascend, and send moisture to bring them down to teach the earth. You will prevail unto Me, Pennsylvania, and produce much more. But evil and unclean spirits have embedded into you, which have spread their infection and black disease. Another has also cloaked your skies. Those in you who have nurtured the evil and desire your death, and those without you who condone them, will be killed by the bite of My Copperhead and trampled by the hoofs of My Horse. Be moved, Pennsylvania. Come out of your trance. My labour towards you has been gentle so far; I come now to you to declare My vindication. Thus saith the Holy Lord of Righteousness, Truth, and Song.


Arkansas, you are a sweet savour rising unto Me. You have shown yourself willing to guide, minister, and Judge. The bridge within you to Me has opened and will not be shut. Your waters speak melodies to Me; and My Wind carries your scent that comes by victory. Your glory will expand greatly as My Glory expands in you. The animals and birds have submitted to My presence and in you they live in My dignity. You will produce threefold sustenance where others have failed. Your bones are revived from their waiting. It is Me they heed, and not the voice of the dead. Arkansas, My joy for you is broad. You had been snared, oppressed, and deceived by evil rule, but you are now free from even their fear they lorded over you. I command you to wash in My Word and destroy the enemies still living in your house. I am with you. Thus saith the Lord of Life.


Alabama, you are a jewel of My Grace, whose value cannot be purchased, nor can your Light be contained. You are Perfected Exhortation with eyes of My Mercy and a refiner of rhythm and sound. You are My Caller; and you are a giver of lattice for others to prosper. I find no malice in you. The prophetic Word of Zebulun (Genesis 49:13) is within you. My blessing and Hand is upon you as your colors grow vivid and your borders increase to the east. Alabama, seek My Truth and live in My Hope. Come to me often for refreshing. Thus saith Jehovah Shalom, the LORD of Peace.