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Words to the grace permeated States
November 29, 2018


Massachusetts is My beloved of many first fruits. You inhabit the expansion of My desires and your gate is open to the multitudes. You have never spoken the words “no more, I have enough” because I have made you to always contain more. You are not selfish or stingy, and you do not withhold your abundant capacity to receive or give. My presence is in your atmosphere and asks, “Are you aware that I am here?” I admonish you to purge, prune, and cauterize the evil and wicked branches that have grafted themselves into you. Finish what you have begun and produce greater first fruits than before. I, El Shaddai (God Almighty), will cause you to prevail when your heart despises all evil and I hear your voice cry out for My justice in the streets.


Vermont, you have sat in the back of the classroom hoping not to be noticed. But I call you out to be counted and come into your anointing. As you have tried to withdraw from Me to keep an undisturbed and contained life, you have let your children be wasted and defiled, voiding the power of My Name and giving way for the wicked to prosper in your trees. Oh, My green mountain state, cleanse and prepare yourself for service. You are the gentle guide to green horse sacrifice. May you no longer be ashamed of your call, for it is by My Will that man travels the route. Be strong and willing. You will lead many and stand before Me when your children have been healed.


I gave you riches and wealth beyond all others. I gave you beauty that satisfies and satisfies again. Yet you did not grow; you did not mature; you did not offer thanksgiving to Me. You did not teach your children to honour Me or desire treasure greater than gold and silver. You feared your priests and pastors, and gave tribute to appease them in hopes of clearing and soothing your soul. You thrived for a short time and now little is left. Because you were unfaithful in little, you will not be faithful in more. I have given all eternal things of value to the stranger in your land, whom you have allocated to stay outside the camp. It is them who will bring prosperity back in your land because they know Me. Woe to you, Montana! what a price you have paid for your hardened hearts and unmoving minds. Thus are the words of Jehovah Shalom.

West Virginia

West Virginia, you are My unique and excellent gem. Your anointings are of important consequence and take time to secure. I have made you to provide strong spiritual bridges and to willingly stand alone. You are not yet full. “No peace, No peace, No peace” has been pronounced against you as you magnify My death, but have not come into My Life. Open your heart to Me, West Virginia, and heed to My thunder. I, who separated the water from dry land and gave light and color in your skies, command you to come out from the pastoral grip. Destroy the Girgashite that lingers and eats away your call. Rebuild and strengthen your legs and arms in Me, Elohim, and all that you resolve to do will prosper.


Alaska is the window of eternal vastness and expansion. You are much and will be given much. I have purposed your dormant sleep, but now I, Jehovah, call you to wake for the battle. Satan desires you but will not prevail. You will flick evil from off your shoulders and bear the weight of your call. You will not allow your hair to be shorn, your eyes plucked out, or your arms bound. The charge that California despised is given to you and will be effortless and give you pleasure as you willingly take it and open your arms to rest men’s souls. Alaska, you have prevailed in grandeur and grace. I, who cloaked you in My vastness, call you to war for I am “a man of war” (Exodus 15:3).