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Words to the neutralized States
May 6, 2019


You have cut My Righteousness, My Judgements, and My Truth out from you. No more will you distribute your evil and Hivite pious ploys. No more will you dangle your jewels in the sight of My people to taunt and tease. No more will your tongue of deception speak of Me in your dissected, impotent, and polluted parts. I, Jehovah, with the Eyes of Fire who reigns, have broken your neck and have cut you off from Me.


You produce the twofold sons of Gehenna. You are affixed under the covering of Pharaoh and are languished in the company of Jezebel. You abhor My Judgements and My Justice and declare they are without Mercy. You dance with demons, yet you despise My Prophets. As Pharaoh was destroyed in the sea, I, Jehovah, destroy you, your horsemen, and your chariots by My fire.


Your contempt for My Righteousness crafted the door for your children to be ravaged, defiled, and spoilt by the hater of man. The foot of pride has come against you, and the hand of the wicked will remove you (Psalm 36:11). To those who cherish the door you built, but run to flee what it has reaped, My eyes follow you, and there is no escape.


You are a showboat of your own justice and righteousness that are not My Justice or My Righteousness. You renounced My Judgements and departed from My Ways declaring them to be unjust. You withheld when it was in your power to do good; and you suspended when it was time to act. I, Elohim, came in darkness during the blindness of your pride, and removed your light.

Rhode Island

You are a hinderer. The harm you have done will not be dismissed or overlooked. Your prophetic call has long been suffocated, wasted, and spent. You chose to trust your graven images, your power, and the idols that you serve; and you cling to unseemly coverings to feign that you are not bare. You rejected the surety and steadfastness of My anchor that enables entering within the veil. You did not desire My Glory, nor did you step into My Hope.


You are a blasphemer against the Lordship of the Holy Ghost. You are the harborer of unclean spirits and have learned their abominations. And you teach others to eat the sweets of their deceit. You have defiled yourself and state, “I find great truth and wisdom” that compliments Me. The flying spirits you desire and made alliance with are the watchers and guards for My enemy, and have no part in Me.