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Words to the new States
October 25, 2018

New York

New York, you have abandoned your call to liberate My prophetic hope and distribute My evangelistic strength, healing, and salvation to the United States of America. You are the empire of Samaria that is taken over by Assyria and the Medes, and are a sparse spiritual forest of bare trees with stubs for limbs and rotting roots. You gave yourself to be purchased and circulated to the highest bidders and you are mocked in the heavens as you beat your chest in pride for the earthly kingdom you have made. Take heed, New York, for “I will discover the foundations thereof” (Micah 1:6) and your empire of extortion will soon be destroyed. New York, your mighty call will be restored, but only a part of you will turn back “with a loud voice” to give thanks and glorify Me as LORD.

New Mexico

New Mexico is a bull that is controlled and led by a nose ring. You are subservient and weakened by those who despise you. God has made you vast, powerful, and strong; yet you allow corrupt pastoral ministries (both protestant and catholic) to subdue you of your vigor endowed to you by El Elyon (Most High God). I adjure you to break from your chains and seek the face of God. He will restore and heal you unto Himself and you will hear the winds avow across your land that He is faithful. You have much work to do. Rise to your anointings New Mexico and no longer be conquered, but conquer and heal unto the Lord.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire has two spiritual rivers flowing through it. The larger, more dominant is evil and bitter. It has been willing to tromp and kill Zechariah because it despises “the day of small things” (Zechariah 4:10). The smaller river flows with sweet water that runs quietly and is overlooked. It is altogether beautiful in My sight. And I, Jehovah Nissi, will rise up and defend those who have honoured Me with their hands. New Hampshire, you are not forgotten, you will be delivered from wicked men, and you will be lifted up in My Name.

New Jersey

New Jersey is in civil war between those who fear Me and those who are defiant in unbelief and refuse to let My young men go. Therefore, I shout to New Jersey, “Come out young men!” for I Am your liberty and I Am your prosperity. The fiery serpents (Numbers 21:4-6) of judgements are unleashed and have soaked into your ground. Those who have defiled you in laughter will scream in torment, and I will not heed their cries. When the defiant are destroyed and the subjugation is finished, New Jersey will freely release its cedars to be cut. And after the cedars are cut, they will then be glorified and worthy as structures and strength for My House.