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Words to the quencher States
June 10, 2019


Missouri, in you I chose to display My Sunrise. You righteously kept a strong gate that gives shelter for the weak; and when I moved you to show My mercy, you did the same. However, Missouri, you are rebellious and in your pride give the cold shoulder to Me. You have killed My Prophets and scorned My Mighty Men. You sell your children for your pleasure; and you give your sacrifices and offerings to your fornicating pastors and priests. Because you have forsaken Me and serve other gods and men, I will no longer deliver you. You know My judgment by Water; now learn and know My judgment by Fire. I am Jehovah Elohim, the One and Only God, and thou shalt serve no other gods before Me. The apostolic treasure in you will be mined and used to its purpose.


Kansas, I purposed you to be a great lion of skill, one to Judge in My wisdom and to walk in My prophetic Word. But you are chained and caged by your shepherds, priests, and teachers who have starved and afflicted you with lies that have made you malnourished and weak. They have taken your visions and stomped down My judgement Word, and your prophetic call moves only in the dark mornings. They have raised up a “jesus” who has no part in Me; and ruthlessly pummel My Son afresh and declare that He owes them more. Kansas, My rage has been mounted on My horsemen, and they will not fail. My Voice will roar and My arm will destroy the old man in your house that has kept you in your bonds. Kansas, My apostle, rise up to speak and judge your house, dredge your dirty water, and drink fresh of the Holy Ghost. Thus saith the LORD God who sustains, lift up your bent neck and eat the food prepared by Me.


I put Wisdom in your chambers, the treasure of My Truth into your dust, and revealed My Glory upon your water. I blessed your beginnings because you refused and despised Moroni’s bartering of children’s labour and flesh. However, you used your skills of understanding and knowledge to provide for the secret exchangers in your north and used your music and talents to impress the burning man from the west. Nevada, you discarded the sacrifice of My Son, and left off from hearing The Holy Ghost. I breathed the desire to be free into your lungs, but your iniquity twisted the meaning of My eternal Freedom. Thus saith the LORD of the hosts, I have struck My lightening to split your sky and crack open your ground. Nevada, I command you to choose: purging seven times by My fire to remove your dross or join with California, who is already dead.


Kentucky, you received My prophetic call and saw My eternal Hope, and then you stopped at the bank of the Jordan and lingered. You said, “I will decide when the timing it right. And I will also decide for others when it is time to cross. The longer the stop, the safer it is. I will wait until I see that the water is shallow. I will implement new laws and rules to deal with the crowding and large flies as we gather more people at the river’s edge. Meanwhile, we can at least enjoy our time and beauty while we talk about God from Bible stories.” When you transgressed and removed from abiding in the anointing of My Son, a spider’s web weaved over you that killed My Prophets and bound My willing Warriors; and moths grew in your broken branches that prevent My horses on their Way. Kentucky, I have flipped you in your fog. Your eyes will see My Righteousness, which is not your righteousness. Part of your call has been broken, do not forfeit the full. You will no longer deny that I, Jehovah, have called you as I am, a man of War (Exodus 15:3).


The chariots, which you rely and put your faith in, are destroyed; and a twofold debt will I require of you. Nebraska, I endowed you with the desire and ability to preserve My apostolic Justice, understanding to perform My righteous pastoral correction, and Grace of My Spirit to rule your spiritual children well in carefulness. However, you are a pursed lipped mother and a stiff-necked father with Jebusite hands that go the way of Cain and rejects My Perfect Peace. I watched you spurn My beloved and give His feet no rest. I watched you withhold My diligent governing after I fervently governed and cared over you. As you have rejected Me when I came to you in weakness, I reject you in your pride of human strength. Those in you, Nebraska, who will move to Me and seek My face, speak to Me. I have Time and Room for you. Thus saith the LORD who knows the hearts of men.