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Words to the walk away States
June 3, 2019


Maryland, your heart is ruled by envy and pride. Thus saith the LORD, who forged the Way for you to go, yet you chose to cleave to your mother’s sinful words and work in your father’s iniquities. When I put choice treasures and gifts into your hands, you disregarded their consecrated price and placed them into corrupted skins. You said, “God does not know. There is no knowledge in Him.” You traded My Truth to sacrifice to Molech; you left off from seeking Me to return to your home; and you profaned your time for My Judgement healing. Maryland, you are cast down; terror will chase and consume you as it reigns your streets. You are an unprofitable vessel that will be broken apart, scattered in the Wind, and no longer be known by your name.


I gave you a pastoral endowment that you defiled while you continue to yearn for the past. When I called you to minister unto Me, you said, “No, I look to my daughter, for in her is my pleasure and who I desire to please. I will carry her on my hip well into her teens, and tell her my secrets so that she stays indebted to me.” Wyoming, you have rejected My Two witnesses, and refuse to take meat. You train your children to fornicate against Me and to look the other way from those who weep. There is no life in you as you siphoned yourself off for My enemies’ use and gain. Another has willingly taken your place.


You declare that you are straight, although you are crooked and perverse. You were a vexing Jebusite who inflicted plagues and wounds of open sores; and a lying unclean prophet who wooed deception to keep restless minds occupied and ears dull. You refused to cease from your rebellion to stay the middle ground, and obstinately joined with evil spirits to build altars to Baalpeor. Louisiana, you once had the beginning of My Wisdom, but you took your inheritance early and shunned My calls to wake out of your sleep. Now you are a queen who eats her children and a nursery tune that remains undone. I, El Shaddai, repeat: I am not a respecter of persons. You will be divided in two: a north that goes into another and a south abolished under My fire water. Your spoils will be taken and polished with no memorial of you.


You have followed the course of Haman, who despised those of Mine who rightly Judge. And you deduced, “I will take advantage of what voluntarily comes along. A little of God, a little pleasures of sin.” But you did not believe My Word, and now your unrighteousness and fornications have bound you to the ground. When I called you to repent and turn to Me, you replied, “My sister is my counselor and the one I fully trust. She protects me in her skirt and persuades me to be reasonable. Yes, her advice is good, a little of You and You get a little of me back.” Oklahoma, your call was eliminated and given to the East when you abandoned your Faith at the time I commanded you to grow. However, I searched you, Oklahoma, and saw one whose heart reaches out to Me. To that soul I speak: I will open a path for you and the way will be made clear. You will understand My ways; and I will fill and instruct you. Selah.